Four Years

Jan. 1st, 2020 05:29 am
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Title: Four Years
Series: Naruto
Setting: Alternate Universe (AU)
Overall Rating: NC-17
Main Characters: Uchiha Itachi & Deidara
Warnings: Intense Course Language, Extreme Violence, Blood, Abuse, Rape, DBSM, Explicit Sexual Content.

Summary: They were together on and off for 6 months before Itachi had left for college. Four years apart is a long time so what could they do to keep the interest there?

Based on themes from [ profile] 50kinkyways

1.Rituals 2.Cross-Dressing 3.Spanking 4.Biting 5.Oil
6.Restraints 7.Non-Con 8.Leather 9.Ice 10.Candle Wax
11.Medical play 12.Fear Play 13.Blood Play 14.Breath Play 15.Food Play
16.Vibrators 17.Anal Plugs 18.Whips/Paddles 19.Handcuffs 20.Standing in Corner
21.Spreader Bars 22.Blindfold 23.Phone / Voice Sex 24.Dildos 25.Orgy
26.Serving 27.Tattooing 28.Dominant 29.Submissive 30.Exhibitionist
31.Voyeur 32.Branding 33.Age Play 34.Cock Rings 35.Ball Gags
36.Wanking 37.Shaving 38.Clamps 39.Collars 40.Virgins
41.Locked up 42.More-some 43.Outdoor sex 44.Piercing 45.Role Play
46.Writer's Choice 47.Writer's Choice 48.Writer's Choice 49.Writer's Choice 50.Writer's Choice

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