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Tomorrow is the last day to get stories up to the 50,000 word mark and it has been one long month for me. I had to juggle a friend over for holidays, trying to smash the writers block out of my head, keep my finger away from the delete button and eventually turn grammar checker off but in the end. I succeeded!

Going from points of being 6,000 words down to finishing over limit with one day left. I can say that I feel truly fulfilled by this experience. Next year, I am going to be a sucker for punishment and participate again.

Thank you everyone who supported me through this, it meant a lot and kept me going. Special thanks to [ profile] artisticallyset for putting up with all of my writing insecurities through this and keeping me going, not just for NaNo but overall ♥
Hybrid Nocturna Overall Stats

Prologue: 3,351 words
Chapter 01: 2,894 words
Chapter 02: 3,667 words
Chapter 03: 3,687 words
Chapter 04: 3,482 words
Chapter 05: 4,215 words
Chapter 06: 3,919 words
Chapter 07: 3,491 words
Chapter 08: 5,201 words
Chapter 09: 5,226 words
Chapter 10: 6,140 words
Chapter 11: 6,026 words
Back to normal writing schedule again. Next to finish: I Am...

Unfortuately, Hybrid Nocturna will not be completed until I have finished I Am... and Underneath It All so look forward to the changes coming up and how the rest of it ends~
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