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Title: Midnight Sanctuary
Series: Naruto
Setting: Alternate Universe (AU)
Overall Rating: M
Main Characters: Uchiha Itachi & Deidara
Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual references, Adult Situations

Summary: A struggling young artist trying to get the world at his feet and a successful club owner who already has it, can each encounter with each other lead to something more?

Based on themes from [ profile] 30_kisses

01. こっち向いて (Look Over Here)
02. 音沙汰 (News; Letter)
03. ユル! (Jolt!)
04. キミとボクのキョリとアノコ (Our Distance and That Person)
05.「あのさ」("Hey, You Know....")
06. 夢と現の間 (The Space Between Dream and Reality)
07. スーパースター (Superstar)
08. 二人の世界 (Our Own World)
09. ダッシュ (Dash)
10. #10 (#10)
11. くちなしの花 (Gardenia)
12. ゴキゲン (In A Good Mood)
13. 余計な鎖 (Excessive Chain)
14. ラジカセ (Radio-Cassette Player)
15. Perfect Blue (Perfect Blue)
16. 無敵 (Invincible; Unrivaled)
17. kHz (Kilohertz)
18.「アーン?」 ("A~n")
19. 赤 (Red)
20. かえり道 (The Road Home)
21. 強奪 (Violence; Pillage/Plunder; Extortion)
22. 揺り籠 (Cradle)
23. 飴玉 (Candy)
24. おやすみ (Good Night)
25. フェンス (Fence)
26. ぼくのものになれば良いのに (If Only I Could Make You Mine)
27. 零れる (Overflow)
28. ワダカルシウムCD3 (Wada Calcium CD3)
29. 波音 (The Sound of Waves)
30. キス (Kiss)

To be read in this order: 01. Superstar, 02. Gardenia, 03. Candy , 04. Radio-Cassette Player, 05. Fence, 06. Wada Calcium CD3, 07. Look Over Here, 08. Good Night, 09. Overflow, 10. The Sound of Waves, 11. The Space Between Dream and Reality
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